Wedding Knight

Session 1, Campaign 2

Morning after the trial:

Jerick disappeared for a short time with Eckhard and Neil (and Dax).
Mason escorted Iris to get her last few items, and to discuss her future.
Ironz spent the day in the pavilion tent beginning healing of his wound (Mason spent 4 hours attempting to heal Ironz with no results in the afternoon).
Lewyn and Tygor Wyl spent the morning with Maester Ferris
Alix Maple spoke with Edan Ward, and met up with Iris’s betrothed, Ruben Piper, and his 4 bodyguards.

Jerick & Alix went shopping, and inquired about some sellswords and gold cloaks for hire.
Alix, Mason & Lewyn went to meet 2 hired gold cloaks (young, unattached types)
They then met with 2 Braavosi sell swords at the ‘Yellow Crescent Inn’ hired. Two raven haired twins at the bar entertained themselves with Alix Maple. He promptly took them upstairs, where they deceived him into taking some Blood Dust. At the same time, a Blood Dust dealer sold 5 vials to Lewyn.

When Alix sniffed the Blood Dust, he went into a hallucinogenic state where his ability to fight was enhanced, but his awareness and cunning were reduced. He met what he thought was his nemesis, Rosoy Risle, whom he hit, but was shattered into crystals. He then saw 2 versions of Rosoy, which also shattered into crystals. When he regained his wits, the girls were gone, all of his clothes save his weapons, and the room at the inn was absolutely trashed. He negotiated a peter pan hat with a small feather, and some red long johns with holes in the rear, and entered the bar to meet with the Dornishmen, who were not impressed at all.
Once they were settled up with the sellswords and the bar (saying goodbye to Gus ‘The Gargoyle’ bartender and his miniature lizard-lion, Berfert), they headed back to the Tourney grounds to spend the night.

The next morning, the sellswords met up, were positioned, and the caravan advanced towards the north, slowly.



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