Wedding Knight

Session 2, Campaign 2

Ending on Day 39 of total game time. Exp was awarded based on creativity and costumes.

After leaving King’s Landing, the caravan ends up late at night at The Great Stag. There, House Teamus is celebrated by Marta and her girls on a successful showing at the tournament. Mason and Jerick spend the night inside, while the rest of the crew sleep outside with their valuables. There are several embarrassing run-ins with Edmure Tully, but all in all, not much to speak of.

The rest of the party comes upon Dag’s Inn, which was under attack by clansmen, who burned down the barn. They agreed to help Dag and his household defend the inn until morning. The clansmen do return to attack that night, and several of the hired bodyguards were killed/beheaded in the battle. Mason and Ruben’s men took down many clansmen having torches, but then the upstairs of the inn was lit by thrown torches. Dag responded by revealing an underground passage to the barn, and all went down, save Alix, Jerick, Mason, Eckhard, and the remaining 3 bodyguards. These left the building through the front door, save a bodyguard who suffered from suffocation while trying to come down the treacherous steps into the cellar.

The party advanced toward the darkness of the treeline, one bodyguard killed by spears. Once in the darkness, they waited, while a horn was heard in the distance. A contingent of men from House Darry, patrolling the Kingsroad due to reports of clansmen came to assist House Teamus, and help them get to Harrenhal to get themselves back on their feet again. Alix then paid House Darry to escort them as far as Moat Cailin, which they gladly did, and continued on to Helmcrest, the seat of House Latneau. This total travel from King’s Landing took 10 days.

They met with Alfric Latneau, who demanded explanations on the death of his smallfolk, his son, and the reappearance of Iris. He then asked to speak to Ruben & Iris in private, while the party is escorted out for a tour of Helmcrest.

Ironz had a fitful night of sleep due to the howling of the hounds that guard the The Great Stag (because of the presence of Dax) and the pain from his wound. Jerick attempts to help him by healing him and giving him milk of the poppy to ease the pain. When Ironz awoke much later in the day, he was bound by rope on his own cart, being pulled by a greasy fellow in faded blacks. He feels something loose in his boot…



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