Wedding Knight

The Plot Sickens (S4C2)

Ending on Day 55

Lewyn and Tygor join Iris in welcoming various guests to the wedding. Lewyn gathers some logical information from Maester Hamdan, and he also alerts Sansa Stark that Mason might be stalking her. Meanwhile they continue to do some forays into the cellar door.

The rest of the part leaves Edgegard, and upon entering Latneau lands, Jerick and Eckhard find some Shadowcat tracks, and head off into the brush. There they meet up with Fiona Blackthumb, lady-in-waiting at Harrenhall, and grand-daughter of the resident smithy. Meanwhile, Alix and Mason wait a day for Jerick’s return, which does not happen, so they continue on, running into Roose Bolton, whom they complete the journey with.

Upon arriving, Alix, Lewyn, and Tygor head to the cellar doors, and find a room with treasure, and several giant rats, whom they defeat. Lewyn then burns out the rats in the room, and they come back up bringing some smoke with them. On-lookers hope for a glimpse of treasure, and treasure indeed was found. Three gold coins with no device on them, 2 black onyx torcs, and a silver with jasper inlay arm band depicting intertwined dragons. Maester Ferris tried to determine their origin, but could only suggest that the coins were the oldest, the arm band the newest, but all extremely old.

Upon entering Edgegard, there is a welcome feast, in which the guests toast the betrothed couple, and Iris sings a dirge which curses the party. Everyone partakes, but Alix feels depressed from the song, and leaves to Lewyn’s bedchamber where he promptly falls asleep. Unnaturally.

Around the same time, Iris gets sick, and most chalk it up to wedding jitters, but Maester Ferris is not so sure. After the party, Eckhard is found on Lewyn’s bed, snoring away, but unable to be woken up. Jerick directs Eckhard to remove Alix’s armor, then take him to the well where they start pouring water on his face. Eckhard returns to get Mason, but once he leaves, 4 toughs near the well point to Jerick and Alix, make a comment about the one’s Roose wanted, and beat Jerick unconscious.

The next morning, Mason, Etan and Eckhard set out to hunt for their lost party members, whereas the rest of the wedding party members go hunting to win a prize for the largest game animal for the wedding feast. While searching on the road north, a boar charges, and causes Etan to fall off his horse. As the boar runs at Etan, Mason expertly shoots it through the eye on out the back of it’s head. Etan is very greatful, but still tries to convince Mason to help him stop the wedding.

In the square of Sweethaven, Jerick wakes up very sore, and with a shiner. He sees Alix being tended to by an old woman and her babe daughter, and notices Alix’s left arm is missing. All around are the bodies of their captors, all 4 dead the same way, run through. The old woman claims a man in a cloak (it was raining) paid her a GD in the middle of the night, to tend to the wounded in the town square. She also got 3 horses for her troubles, but Alix demanded them and they started riding back.

They met up with Mason, told their tales, and headed back to Helmcrest. Meanwhile, Lewyn and Tygor enter the cellar door again, and kick open an ajar door, to reveal a lair of 7 shadowcats! Luckily, the door hit the wall and slammed back shut, giving them enough time to run back up and close the doors before the cats ran loose in the inner ward. Lewyn tells his party, but not many more people, and only the on-lookers saw them come up in a hurry. They were more interested in the possible treasure that Lewyn might have found while down there.

Meanwhile Mason has an Intrigue with Iris, and finds out more than he wanted to know. Prior to the night’s festivities, Mason dances with many of the noble ladies in the party and learns many different things.

It is with heavy hearts the party attends the gift-giving ceremony. In it, many fine gifts are given, but one of Roose Bolton’s men offers an alliance to Ruben Piper. It is learned that upon ‘receiving a raven’ from the rookery, Roose had to return to the Dreadfort on urgent business, leaving behind one man. Mason quickly has Alix present the same gift, but to Iris, as he unsteadily walks with less balance up to her, present an arakh and bowing. The slight is not unnoticed by Ruben, and the implications of having an alliance with enemy houses is apparent to all present.

Alix Maple seduces Eilene Hart to tell him some of the scuttlebutt going on, and she spends some time with him. The rest retire from a most exhausting day.



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