Wedding Knight

The White Fawn (S3C2)

Ending on Day 47

House Teamus received a tour of Helmcrest, and learn some secrets about Lord Alfric and the old castle. Afterwards, at dinner, Ruben and Iris announced their wedding in 2 weeks, and Iris made a personal request of Mason to attend, fearing she or her family (or what is left of it) might be in danger.

Tygor and Lewyn hung around with Ferris perfecting their letters, while the rest of the party headed back to Edgegard. Only a few hours on Teamus land, they met with one of the many brigand leaders which frequent Teamus lands, The White Fawn. A former member of the Kingswood Brotherhood, she played games with the travelers, branding Eckhard Stone, killing Dax for a fur coat, and making sport with Mason and a half-naked Alix.

Deeply affected by what happened, upon returning to Edgegard, they invested most of their money and glory won in King’s Landing to clean up the lawlessness of their lands. Now many of the brigand leaders have prices on their heads, and more of the locals are being trained to snitch, er report, suspicious activity, and guards are being trained/enlisted to clean up the land.

Lewyn & Tygor had adventures of their own, they risked the famous bar of Gutripper, in Sweethaven, and met a few interesting characters there. They also began exploring the mysterious cellar door which leads to some passageways below Helmcrest, which may have been built by the First Men.



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