Artur Piper

The aged and elderly father of Ruben Piper.


Artur Piper is a proud man, and long-time merchant, but getting on a bit in years. He has lost his wife and oldest son, and some of his verve along with them. He’s tall, with a proud bearing and manner, and a full, neatly trimmed beard. He looks like an older, graying, version of his son Ruben in many regards.


‘Old Man’ Piper is eager to see his son wedded and producing grandchildren to secure their lineage to a house and lands. Artur is tired of traveling and selling, and wishes to settle down, turning the family business completely over to Ruben. He’s feeling his age and mortality of late, and is keenly aware how precarious life can be. He does not entirely trust House Latneau, but believes a marriage between his son and Iris is for the best, in the long run.

Old Man Piper has no time for anyone beneath his station: he’s infamous for forgetting the names of servants, and Ruben often has to remind him of the names of associates and peers. He’s polite and precise in his manners, but tends to dismiss anyone not directly a part of his merchant circle. Unfortunately, this tends to include his youngest child, Darren.

Artur Piper

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