Darren Piper

Ruben Piper's younger brother


Ruben’s younger brother Darren is frequently torn between admiration for his brother and a desire to win their father’s attention and approval, which he never truly got. Darren has always been the baby of the family and, while his mother doted upon him, Old Man Piper tends to treat him as an afterthought, even when Darren became Ruben’s heir apparent (at least until Ruben’s marriage produces sons).


Darren does not have the same capitalistic nature of his older brother. He is his mother’s son, with a generous spirit. He’s trained at arms, and is capable enough. He’ll make a decent knight, and an even better lordling or seneschal, since he has a knack for managing people. Still, he won’t likely grab anyone’s attention, and will always stand in the shadow of his brother, especially in their father’s eyes.

Darren Piper

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