Fiona Blackthumb

One of Harrenhal's Ladies in Waiting


Grand-daughter of Ben Blackthumb, the old smith of Harrenhal, who has served House Lothston and House Whent. She has a fair singing voice.

Inventory: A chestnut courser, candle, far-eyes, flint and steel, ink, lamp, waterskin, artisan’s garb, courtesan’s garb, entertainer’s garb, noble’s garb, northern garb, peasant’s garb, traveler’s garb (probably several of these), saddlebags, an arrow with an obsidian head, 30 regular arrows, a seven pointed star medallion, a medium sized hourglass made with gold, a golden hand harp, three rubies of medium size, several jade dice, 8 pearl necklaces of varying value, 10 pairs of gold earrings, 4 gold bracelets.

2 Longbows

XP: 3
DP: 3


If you want more information, ask her yourself!

Fiona Blackthumb

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