House Frey

Many of the unimportant and female Freys show up to the wedding.


A group of Freys have descended on Helmcrest, all relatively unimportant, and mostly female, to use this as an opportunity to either elevate their station, or learn the niceties such social gatherings demand.

Notable Freys:

Perwyn Frey, fourteenth son of Lord Walder
Benfrey Frey, fifteenth son of Lord Walder
Merrett Frey, eighth son of Lord Walder
Merrett Frey’s Daughters:
Amerei Frey, his first daughter. A very young widow of Ser Pate of the Blue Fork. Nicknamed ‘Gatehouse Ami’ for she will raise her portcullis for anyone.
Walda Frey, his second daughter. A fat girl sometimes called Fat Walda.
Marissa Frey, his third daughter. A young maid.

And many other misc. Frey girls and women, not to mention servants.


House Frey

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