Jolvan & MeralynTeamus

Lord and Lady of House Teamus


In recent times, the current Lord Jolvan had joined with Eddard Stark of Winterfell to turn back Balon Greyjoy’s Rebellion, and even took a knife wound to the shoulder while protecting Stark, thus causing some political gains for Teamus against the Boltons. The young Teamus, returning home to his lord father, soon was married to Meralyn Karstark under dubious circumstances. She was soon with child, and gave birth to two sons and a daughter.

-35 years of age
-Participated in the turning of Greyjoy’s Rebellion as one of Eddard Stark’s Bannermen
-Supports Robert Baratheon as king
-Married a Karstark woman
-Good relationship with his father
-Boltons are rivals
-Dependable, trusting to a fault
-Scar on his shoulder, caucasian, hairy, bearded, dark hair, lean.
-Political ambitions in the North
-Turns his good ear (the right one) when listening to a speaker.
-Compulsive Gambler
-His word is his bond


Lady Meralyn Teamus
-Age: 33
-Had the oldest son at 18
-Rickard Karstark’s youngest sister
-Likable & Kind
-An attractive woman, for a northerner, and every bit a courtly woman
-Wishes to raise up her son to be a good lord
-Snorts when she laughs
-Incapable of lying effectively & loyal to the house
-Appears to be barren after the third child

Jolvan & MeralynTeamus

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