Maester Ferris

Newly chained maester of House Latneau


Fresh from the Citadel, then whisked off to King’s Landing, Maester has witnessed and assisted in the investigation of the death of two members of his household. Although a bit naive and inexperienced, he is nevertheless a very educated and dependable maester, working hard to help the house he has been hired to.

He is a little suspicious about the manner of the previous maester’s disappearance, but this is overshadowed by his curiosity and lust for knowledge concerning Helmcrest, as it is the remains of the work of the first men, and legend has it, the land on which the castle sits was used by the children of the forest. Ferris doesn’t believe in such nonsense as magic, but history definitely piques his interest.

As a side job, he has been hired by Lewyn Snow and Tygor Wyl to tutor them in their letters.

Maester Ferris

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