Wedding Knight

Session 1, Campaign 2

Morning after the trial:

Jerick disappeared for a short time with Eckhard and Neil (and Dax).
Mason escorted Iris to get her last few items, and to discuss her future.
Ironz spent the day in the pavilion tent beginning healing of his wound (Mason spent 4 hours attempting to heal Ironz with no results in the afternoon).
Lewyn and Tygor Wyl spent the morning with Maester Ferris
Alix Maple spoke with Edan Ward, and met up with Iris’s betrothed, Ruben Piper, and his 4 bodyguards.

Jerick & Alix went shopping, and inquired about some sellswords and gold cloaks for hire.
Alix, Mason & Lewyn went to meet 2 hired gold cloaks (young, unattached types)
They then met with 2 Braavosi sell swords at the ‘Yellow Crescent Inn’ hired. Two raven haired twins at the bar entertained themselves with Alix Maple. He promptly took them upstairs, where they deceived him into taking some Blood Dust. At the same time, a Blood Dust dealer sold 5 vials to Lewyn.

When Alix sniffed the Blood Dust, he went into a hallucinogenic state where his ability to fight was enhanced, but his awareness and cunning were reduced. He met what he thought was his nemesis, Rosoy Risle, whom he hit, but was shattered into crystals. He then saw 2 versions of Rosoy, which also shattered into crystals. When he regained his wits, the girls were gone, all of his clothes save his weapons, and the room at the inn was absolutely trashed. He negotiated a peter pan hat with a small feather, and some red long johns with holes in the rear, and entered the bar to meet with the Dornishmen, who were not impressed at all.
Once they were settled up with the sellswords and the bar (saying goodbye to Gus ‘The Gargoyle’ bartender and his miniature lizard-lion, Berfert), they headed back to the Tourney grounds to spend the night.

The next morning, the sellswords met up, were positioned, and the caravan advanced towards the north, slowly.

Session 2, Campaign 2

Ending on Day 39 of total game time. Exp was awarded based on creativity and costumes.

After leaving King’s Landing, the caravan ends up late at night at The Great Stag. There, House Teamus is celebrated by Marta and her girls on a successful showing at the tournament. Mason and Jerick spend the night inside, while the rest of the crew sleep outside with their valuables. There are several embarrassing run-ins with Edmure Tully, but all in all, not much to speak of.

The rest of the party comes upon Dag’s Inn, which was under attack by clansmen, who burned down the barn. They agreed to help Dag and his household defend the inn until morning. The clansmen do return to attack that night, and several of the hired bodyguards were killed/beheaded in the battle. Mason and Ruben’s men took down many clansmen having torches, but then the upstairs of the inn was lit by thrown torches. Dag responded by revealing an underground passage to the barn, and all went down, save Alix, Jerick, Mason, Eckhard, and the remaining 3 bodyguards. These left the building through the front door, save a bodyguard who suffered from suffocation while trying to come down the treacherous steps into the cellar.

The party advanced toward the darkness of the treeline, one bodyguard killed by spears. Once in the darkness, they waited, while a horn was heard in the distance. A contingent of men from House Darry, patrolling the Kingsroad due to reports of clansmen came to assist House Teamus, and help them get to Harrenhal to get themselves back on their feet again. Alix then paid House Darry to escort them as far as Moat Cailin, which they gladly did, and continued on to Helmcrest, the seat of House Latneau. This total travel from King’s Landing took 10 days.

They met with Alfric Latneau, who demanded explanations on the death of his smallfolk, his son, and the reappearance of Iris. He then asked to speak to Ruben & Iris in private, while the party is escorted out for a tour of Helmcrest.

Ironz had a fitful night of sleep due to the howling of the hounds that guard the The Great Stag (because of the presence of Dax) and the pain from his wound. Jerick attempts to help him by healing him and giving him milk of the poppy to ease the pain. When Ironz awoke much later in the day, he was bound by rope on his own cart, being pulled by a greasy fellow in faded blacks. He feels something loose in his boot…

The White Fawn (S3C2)

Ending on Day 47

House Teamus received a tour of Helmcrest, and learn some secrets about Lord Alfric and the old castle. Afterwards, at dinner, Ruben and Iris announced their wedding in 2 weeks, and Iris made a personal request of Mason to attend, fearing she or her family (or what is left of it) might be in danger.

Tygor and Lewyn hung around with Ferris perfecting their letters, while the rest of the party headed back to Edgegard. Only a few hours on Teamus land, they met with one of the many brigand leaders which frequent Teamus lands, The White Fawn. A former member of the Kingswood Brotherhood, she played games with the travelers, branding Eckhard Stone, killing Dax for a fur coat, and making sport with Mason and a half-naked Alix.

Deeply affected by what happened, upon returning to Edgegard, they invested most of their money and glory won in King’s Landing to clean up the lawlessness of their lands. Now many of the brigand leaders have prices on their heads, and more of the locals are being trained to snitch, er report, suspicious activity, and guards are being trained/enlisted to clean up the land.

Lewyn & Tygor had adventures of their own, they risked the famous bar of Gutripper, in Sweethaven, and met a few interesting characters there. They also began exploring the mysterious cellar door which leads to some passageways below Helmcrest, which may have been built by the First Men.

The Plot Sickens (S4C2)

Ending on Day 55

Lewyn and Tygor join Iris in welcoming various guests to the wedding. Lewyn gathers some logical information from Maester Hamdan, and he also alerts Sansa Stark that Mason might be stalking her. Meanwhile they continue to do some forays into the cellar door.

The rest of the part leaves Edgegard, and upon entering Latneau lands, Jerick and Eckhard find some Shadowcat tracks, and head off into the brush. There they meet up with Fiona Blackthumb, lady-in-waiting at Harrenhall, and grand-daughter of the resident smithy. Meanwhile, Alix and Mason wait a day for Jerick’s return, which does not happen, so they continue on, running into Roose Bolton, whom they complete the journey with.

Upon arriving, Alix, Lewyn, and Tygor head to the cellar doors, and find a room with treasure, and several giant rats, whom they defeat. Lewyn then burns out the rats in the room, and they come back up bringing some smoke with them. On-lookers hope for a glimpse of treasure, and treasure indeed was found. Three gold coins with no device on them, 2 black onyx torcs, and a silver with jasper inlay arm band depicting intertwined dragons. Maester Ferris tried to determine their origin, but could only suggest that the coins were the oldest, the arm band the newest, but all extremely old.

Upon entering Edgegard, there is a welcome feast, in which the guests toast the betrothed couple, and Iris sings a dirge which curses the party. Everyone partakes, but Alix feels depressed from the song, and leaves to Lewyn’s bedchamber where he promptly falls asleep. Unnaturally.

Around the same time, Iris gets sick, and most chalk it up to wedding jitters, but Maester Ferris is not so sure. After the party, Eckhard is found on Lewyn’s bed, snoring away, but unable to be woken up. Jerick directs Eckhard to remove Alix’s armor, then take him to the well where they start pouring water on his face. Eckhard returns to get Mason, but once he leaves, 4 toughs near the well point to Jerick and Alix, make a comment about the one’s Roose wanted, and beat Jerick unconscious.

The next morning, Mason, Etan and Eckhard set out to hunt for their lost party members, whereas the rest of the wedding party members go hunting to win a prize for the largest game animal for the wedding feast. While searching on the road north, a boar charges, and causes Etan to fall off his horse. As the boar runs at Etan, Mason expertly shoots it through the eye on out the back of it’s head. Etan is very greatful, but still tries to convince Mason to help him stop the wedding.

In the square of Sweethaven, Jerick wakes up very sore, and with a shiner. He sees Alix being tended to by an old woman and her babe daughter, and notices Alix’s left arm is missing. All around are the bodies of their captors, all 4 dead the same way, run through. The old woman claims a man in a cloak (it was raining) paid her a GD in the middle of the night, to tend to the wounded in the town square. She also got 3 horses for her troubles, but Alix demanded them and they started riding back.

They met up with Mason, told their tales, and headed back to Helmcrest. Meanwhile, Lewyn and Tygor enter the cellar door again, and kick open an ajar door, to reveal a lair of 7 shadowcats! Luckily, the door hit the wall and slammed back shut, giving them enough time to run back up and close the doors before the cats ran loose in the inner ward. Lewyn tells his party, but not many more people, and only the on-lookers saw them come up in a hurry. They were more interested in the possible treasure that Lewyn might have found while down there.

Meanwhile Mason has an Intrigue with Iris, and finds out more than he wanted to know. Prior to the night’s festivities, Mason dances with many of the noble ladies in the party and learns many different things.

It is with heavy hearts the party attends the gift-giving ceremony. In it, many fine gifts are given, but one of Roose Bolton’s men offers an alliance to Ruben Piper. It is learned that upon ‘receiving a raven’ from the rookery, Roose had to return to the Dreadfort on urgent business, leaving behind one man. Mason quickly has Alix present the same gift, but to Iris, as he unsteadily walks with less balance up to her, present an arakh and bowing. The slight is not unnoticed by Ruben, and the implications of having an alliance with enemy houses is apparent to all present.

Alix Maple seduces Eilene Hart to tell him some of the scuttlebutt going on, and she spends some time with him. The rest retire from a most exhausting day.

The Winner Takes It All...(S5C2)

Ending on Day 56

The morning of the wedding, Jerick wakes up with a green dream involving Eckhard, Iris, and the southeast tower. He hurries to the kitchen, convinces the help to let him in the tower, thinks better of it, and chickens out.

Lewyn Snow then heads to the kitchens to get some meat scraps in a bag. He does not let on why.

There is much confusion in the Great Hall this morning. It seems Iris & Eckhard have disappeared. Ruben sends out a search party around the castle, while Lewyn Snow leads a group of explorers down into the dungeon. When Lewyn and Robin Flint end up disappearing in a large room with heart tree faces all around, the others make a quick exit to the surface, calling on Mason and Fiona to help. Mason and Jerick find a great weight lifted off their shoulders in the godswood, but quickly return to Helmcrest to address the situation.

Meanwhile, Jerick & Alix try to get some answers and to ‘sound the alarm’ so it were on their suspicions that Iris is down in the ‘cellar’. They are rebuffed, after Jerick mistakenly brings up the death of Alfric Latneau’s wife.

Fiona & Mason take Tygor down into the cellar, find a key, and continue down another level. They find the key unlocks all the doors below in a large room at the base of the stairs. After opening all the doors, they return to one they had inspected initially, and force the key to open it. Out pours 50,000 cubic feet of water, knocking out Tygor and badly damaging Mason and Fiona. After keeping Tygor from drowning, the two find their bows have washed away, along with any swords the party was carrying, and there was no hope for a torch to be lit at this point. However, they could hear voices. Following the voices, Mason finds the key (damaged now) and ‘alters destiny’ to weaken the lock so the key could open it. Inside they find Robin, Lewyn, Eckhard and Iris! They slowly head back up to the first level. There Lewyn could not resist curiosity as he tries to grab a statue of the child of the forest and nearly loses his hand. By altering his destiny, he seems to have made himself unable to complete his education.

As the party makes their way out, they are attacked by a pair of shadowcats. Lewyn loses half his hitpoints while Alix makes short work of them. The party hurries up and most prepare for the wedding.

Lewyn chases down ‘Knuckles’ Hooligan, former member of the exploration party and who was a part of Roose Bolton’s entourage before he left in a hurry yesterday. Lewyn learns that Roose never did receive a raven from the Dreadfort, but left in a guilty fashion for some other reason.

Fiona attempts to talk Iris out of the wedding, but fails to do so in time.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party attends the wedding, and Lewyn reveals to Mason that he has learned that Iris is pregnant, but tells only Mason. Etan Hogg interrupts the wedding to profess his love for Iris, but is quickly rebuffed by Alfric and ejected by Ruben’s goons. He swears that ‘this is not the end of this!’

The wedding continues without interruptions, and the wedding feast ensues. The Starks leave early, and later on the bedding occurs. While Jerick & Alix head to the well, Lewyn heads up the stairs to the consummation bedroom, and the doors lock shut behind them. Then the White Fawn appears, robs the rest of the guests, and heads up the tower, and out the window.

Lewyn bribes the guard to the room, and he gives Iris a vial of Blood Dust to use as she sees fit. Mason gets extremely drunk, hoping to talk to Iris before the wedding but failing to do so, and the rest return to their rooms after a very exhausting day.

3/5 victory points achieved.


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